You're out on the town, having a few drinks with some good friends. Things are starting to close down, it's around 2:30 in the morning. You have the munchies. Suddenly, it hits you. You want a donair. A real, honest-to-goodness Halifax Donair. Tomatoes, onions, strip after strip of meat cut right from the spit as it turns... what could be better?

Donair Recipes

Donair Recipes

Donair "Loaf"

This makes a nice loaf of Donair meat.

1 teaspoon each of

1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper

1 pound of medium or lean - not extra lean! - ground beef


At this point you have some pretty awesome donair meat! Just add a fried pita and some donair sauce and you're golden!

Donair Recipes

Donair Sauce Recipe #1

This makes a nice thick donair sauce - very much like what you'd get in Halifax.


To make:

Donair Links

Donair Links

In the Moment

My husband and I came to Mississauga 4-1/2 years ago and began our donair history, geography and home economics education.

The GTA (Greater Toronto Area) is a melting pot of every culture so we assumed that there would be donair shops here and were surprised to find none.

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Queen of Donairs

A couple of weeks ago, someone posted to the Toronto LiveJournal community, asking about where to get Nova Scotia style donairs. After we collectively determined that there is no place in Toronto to get this much-loved street food, I fessed up and admitted that I have a copy of the original recipe created and marketed by the chain King of Donairs. And despite encouragement to start my own donair stand here in Toronto, I’d still rather just make the things at home.

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The View from in Here

Now, for those not from Queen's or Halifax, you may wonder, what's a donair? As a quick overview, it's slices of this meat concoction shaved off a stick (beef, bread crumbs, spices), seared, topped with tomatoes, onions, donair sweet sauce (which makes or breaks the donair, personally) and all wrapped in a pita WAY too small for the amount it has to hold. Consequently, eating it is a mess, but is it oh so delicious (especially after a night of drinking)!

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Donair Culture on Facebook

Basic Info

Name: Donair culture Category: Common Interest - Religion & Spirituality Description: Donairs and the lifestyle around them Privacy Type: Open: All content is public.

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The Wired 96.3 BIG Show Blog

Alright, today on the show we talked about donairs. For some reason I can’t figure out, the donair doesn’t exist in Saskatchewan. I’ve eaten Donairs in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and the home of the best Donair joint on the planet….Nova Scotia.

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Zach's Famous Donair Emporium

In 1995 the first Zachs Famous Donair Restaurant opened in Edmonton, Alberta. This restaurant featured a delicious line of a new product called the "donair" which is made with spiced beef garnished with onions, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, hot peppers and special "donair" sauce served on warmed pita bread. The public responded with overwhelming approval to this exciting new taste. Zachs is a family run business and we consistently strive to create a friendly family atmosphere for our valued customers.

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Germans go for doner kebabs - Shawarma outstrips sausages, fries as the country’s No. 1 fast food

Germans go for doner kebabs - Shawarma outstrips sausages, fries as the country’s No. 1 fast food By The Associated Press Sat. Apr 10 - 4:53 AM BERLIN — Forget about bratwurst, currywurst and other kinds of sausages — doner kebab, or shawarma, has overtaken traditional German fast food as the country’s favourite snack on the go. First brought to Berlin by Turkish immigrants in the 1970s, the grilled meat snack that comes wrapped in a pita bread with shredded lettuce, tomatoes, onions and different dressings, is now being sold everywhere in Germany from the Baltic Sea to the Bavarian Alps.

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DMBLog on Donairs

My favorite place for donairs, (and the best I’ve been able to find in Calgary), is A & A Foods at 1401 – 20 Ave NW. Everything is very fresh, the donair meat is seasoned perfectly and is exceptionally moist. The donairs come in three sizes: small, medium and large. The small size is adequate for most people and is equivalent to what is considered a “large” everywhere else.

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Donairs – What those Funky Canadians eat

For anyone who has ever watched the Trailer Park Boys, you’ll hear constant references to donairs and the King of Donair. Well I had to do a little research and I discovered an incredibly delicious sandwich/wrap. The sandwich is really a combination of a bastardized donar kebab and a gyro with a very funky sauce. The meat is rather simple to prepare – like a meatloaf.

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Beer and News And you will know us by our trail of empties…

A quick story about east coast Donairs.

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A Donair Road Trip to Milton, Ontario

So on a crispy January afternoon, this guy and myself, along with this guy and another guy who doesn't have a blog, piled into the car drove off to scenic Milton, Ontario (I heard it has a Go Train station) to find out if "Halifax Donair and Pizza" are indeed slinging authentic east-coast donairs.

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Why do Canadians eat donairs?

There is a meat dish which in slightly different forms is widely eaten in the Eastern Mediterranean as well, in recent years, in many other countries. (See the Wikipedia articles Döner kebab and ドネル ケバブ.) In the United States, it is usually called gyro(s), from Greek γύρος, sometimes pronounced [dʒaiɹow] according to its spelling, with the 's' taken to be the plural morpheme, sometimes [jiɹos] as in Greek. In Canada, the same dish is almost always known as doner, from Turkish döner, also spelled donair. A few restaurants in Ontario seem to call it gyros, but here in British Columbia, and in my experience in Alberta as well, gyros is virtually never used. This is true even in restaurants run by Greeks. A new place specializing in doner just opened here in Prince George. The owners are Greek,but they use the term donair on their menu and even in the name of their restaurant. I have been wondering for a long time why it is that this dish almost always goes by its Greek name in the United States but by its Turkish name in Canada.

Donair History

Donair History

Donair History

Donairs - in the past - are traditionally either Greek or Turkish in origin, also known as "doners", "gyros", "doner kebabs", "kebabs" and "donners".

The history of the donair goes back far past Halifax, to either Greece or Turkey. For matters of simplicity and convenience, our donair history starts in Halifax.

Wikipedia claims that the modern fast food doner was invented by Mahmut Aygun, a Turkish immigrant in Berlin, in 1971.

Velos Pizza, then located in Bedford, invented the "Halifax" donair in the 1971-1973 area. This "Halifax" donair was characterized by having a very sweet sauce, made from condensed milk, sugar, garlic, and vinegar.

Velos merged / was purchased / etc with King of Donair, thus giving King of Donair claim to being the first to introduce donairs to Canada, which they claim proudly to this day.

Regardless of who brought donairs to Canada, the "Halifax" donair is slowly spreading westward, with many parts of Quebec, Ontario and Alberta serving Halifax donairs due to the high concentration of maritimers who have gone west looking for work.

Donair Pizza from King of Donair

I can't imagine living somewhere that donair pizza wasn't a thing. Yet in parts of Canada you can't get good donair pizza! As my first Year of Donair post, let's take a moment to celebrate some donair pizza.

King of Donair has been making donairs in Canada since 1973 and has often won "best of" awards from The Coast.

I ordered an extra large donair pizza from King of Donair Clayton Park and picked it up about 25 minutes later. It was one of the coldest nights of the year, -16C or so, and I was sure that all of that luscious melted cheese would have started to solidify by the time I got back to somewhere warm.