The Fuzz Box: Do not pass go, do not collect $200, just go get a donair. Seriously.

For lovers of the Halifax donair, you already know that outside Halifax, there's always a chance you're going to get something that's not quite a donair.

Outside Nova Scotia, that chance increases - a place in Fredricton once served me a donair with sour cream, not donair sauce (what?!) If you leave the Maritimes and ask for a donair, there's really no telling what you're going to get.

However, after a trip to the Fuzz Box, everything has changed.

After reading a few newspaper articles about this place in Toronto called The Fuzz Box, I dropped them a note to get their information for the site, and told them I'd be sure to drop in the next time I was in town.

Less than a week later, I'm on a plane headed to Pearson airport.

Suppertime one evening, I find myself with 2 hungry and eager friends who are both well versed in what a real Halifax donair should be, headed down Danforth St, looking for #1246 - and it's easy to spot. There's a huge Nova Scotia flag on the sign. Marketing, or reality? Only taste will tell.