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Steve's Blog

You're out on the town, having a few drinks with some good friends. Things are starting to close down, it's around 2:30 in the morning. You have the munchies. Suddenly, it hits you. You want a donair. A real, honest-to-goodness Halifax Donair. Tomatoes, onions... Archive

Back in the day (early 2000s), there was a website that I maintained called That site was rendered obsolete when twitter and facebook took over the internets. But there were lots of interesting things posted on there. Here is an archive of some of th...

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Doinkballs. Really. And they're AMAZING!

Many of you know I've been after Bonehead's BBQ to make Doinkballs for a while now. Those of you who are not in the know might be hungry to learn that "doink" is "donair + oink". These tasty tidbits are going to be donair meatballs, wrapped in bacon and then ... expands into Ontario and beyond!

If you're a Nova Scotian living somewhere else in Canada, and a lover of donairs, then chances are this web site leaves you hungry for a taste of home. Starting today, we'll be adding donair restaurants from all across Canada and the world as we find out about...

Are Toronto’s donairs any good? We asked two guys from Sloan to taste test them.

Looks like the donair is making waves in Toronto. The media is getting Halifamous folks to do taste testing! Karon Lui has penned an article after corralling Patrick Pentland and Gregory Macdonald, musicians with Sloan, into doing some taste testing of Toronto...

Donair History Donair History

Donairs - in the past - are traditionally either Greek or Turkish in origin, also known as "doners", "gyros", "doner kebabs", "kebabs" and "donners". The history of the donair goes back far past Halifax, to either Greece or Turkey. For matters of simplicity an...

Why do Canadians eat donairs? Donair Links There is a meat dish which in slightly different forms is widely eaten in the Eastern Mediterranean as well, in recent years, in many other countries. (See the Wikipedia articles Döner kebab and ド...

A Donair Road Trip to Milton, Ontario Donair Links So on a crispy January afternoon, this guy and myself, along with this guy and another guy who doesn't have a blog, piled into the car drove off to scenic Milton, Ontario (I heard it has ...

Beer and News And you will know us by our trail of empties… Donair Links A quick story about east coast Donairs.

Donairs – What those Funky Canadians eat Donair Links For anyone who has ever watched the Trailer Park Boys, you’ll hear constant references to donairs and the King of Donair. Well I had to do a little research and I discovered an incredibly delicious sandwich/wrap. The sandwich is...

DMBLog on Donairs Donair Links My favorite place for donairs, (and the best I’ve been able to find in Calgary), is A & A Foods at 1401 – 20 Ave NW. Everything is very fresh, the donair meat is seasoned perfectly and is exceptionally moist. The donairs c...

Germans go for doner kebabs - Shawarma outstrips sausages, fries as the country’s No. 1 fast food Donair Links Germans go for doner kebabs - Shawarma outstrips sausages, fries as the country’s No. 1 fast food By The Associated Press Sat. Apr 10 - 4:53 AM BERLIN — Forget about bratwurst, currywurst and other kinds of saus...

Zach's Famous Donair Emporium Donair Links In 1995 the first Zachs Famous Donair Restaurant opened in Edmonton, Alberta. This restaurant featured a delicious line of a new product called the "donair" which is made with spiced beef garnished with onions, cheese...

The Wired 96.3 BIG Show Blog Donair Links Alright, today on the show we talked about donairs. For some reason I can’t figure out, the donair doesn’t exist in Saskatchewan. I’ve eaten Donairs in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and the home of the best Donair joint ...

Donair Culture on Facebook Donair Links Basic Info Name: Donair culture Category: Common Interest - Religion & Spirituality Description: Donairs and the lifestyle around them Privacy Type: Open: All content is public.

The View from in Here Donair Links Now, for those not from Queen's or Halifax, you may wonder, what's a donair? As a quick overview, it's slices of this meat concoction shaved off a stick (beef, bread crumbs, sp...

Queen of Donairs Donair Links A couple of weeks ago, someone posted to the Toronto LiveJournal community, asking about where to get Nova Scotia style donairs. After we collectively determined that there is no place in Toronto to get ...

In the Moment Donair Links My husband and I came to Mississauga 4-1/2 years ago and began our donair history, geography and home economics education. The GTA (Greater Toronto Area) is a melting pot of every culture so we assum...

Donair "Loaf" Donair Recipes

This makes a nice loaf of Donair meat. 1 teaspoon each of ground oregano salt all-purpose flour ground black pepper garlic powder onion powder 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper 1 pound of medium or lean - not extra lean! - ground beef Directions Preheat the ov...

Donair Sauce Recipe #1 Donair Recipes

This makes a nice thick donair sauce - very much like what you'd get in Halifax. Ingredients: a can of evaporated milk, cold a can of sweetened condensed milk, cold 1 teaspoon of onion powder 2-3 tablespoons of garlic powder 3-5 tablespoons of white vinegar ...

Top Ten Nova Scotia Inventions

The Chronicle Herald has a very nice article about the top 10 Nova Scotian inventions on their site. As you can imagine, one of these inventions is the donair! What's even better is they link directly back to us from the article. Yay local content! Have a read...