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Donair History

Donairs - in the past - are traditionally either Greek or Turkish in origin, also known as "doners", "gyros", "doner kebabs", "kebabs" and "donners".

The history of the donair goes back far past Halifax, to either Greece or Turkey. For matters of simplicity and convenience, our donair history starts in Halifax.

Wikipedia claims that the modern fast food doner was invented by Mahmut Aygun, a Turkish immigrant in Berlin, in 1971.

Velos Pizza, then located in Bedford, invented the "Halifax" donair in the 1971-1973 area. This "Halifax" donair was characterized by having a very sweet sauce, made from condensed milk, sugar, garlic, and vinegar.

Velos merged / was purchased / etc with King of Donair, thus giving King of Donair claim to being the first to introduce donairs to Canada, which they claim proudly to this day.

Regardless of who brought donairs to Canada, the "Halifax" donair is slowly spreading westward, with many parts of Quebec, Ontario and Alberta serving Halifax donairs due to the high concentration of maritimers who have gone west looking for work.