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Donair Tacos at Pizzatown Sackville

The fine folks from Pizzatown in Sackville, after much poking and prodding by folks on Twitter, announced on Friday past that they were going to produce the mythical donair taco. How could I not go check out an epic event like this?

My only concern was that Pizzatown Sackville likely hadn't ever done tacos of any sort before, and therefore donair tacos were truly a voyage into madness.

Thankfully my fears seem to have been unfounded.

I ordered 3 donair tacos ($3 each), and after a short wait I was presented with a plate filled with taco goodness. They looked - and smelled - amazing. I walked them to one of the tables in the restaurant hoping that these mythical tacos weren't a 6 dressed up as a 9.

Gently prying open a taco so as to not shatter the baked shell, the truth was revealed. Inside was 2 strips of donair meat, red onions, tomatoes, salsa, grated cheese and lettuce. While donair purists everywhere know that lettuce on a donair is an affront to all that's tasty, new foods require an open mind.

Turns out that if you order your donair taco with the meat heated and the rest of the taco cold, it's even better (suggestion from Hanah.) The shell stays soft, all the taco-ness isn't overwhelmed by the donair side of the house and you don't need to worry that a big bite of shell will cause it to suddenly crack and without warning turn your clean shirt into an excuse to buy Spray-n-wash.

The big question remains, however - sour cream or donair sauce? I think the answer really depends on how sauced you want your tacos. The in-house sour cream isn't the extra thick and tangy style, so you can safely load your taco up as much as you like without overwhelming the taste of the donair.

If, however, you don't want your taco completely filled with sauce and want a more authentic donair experience, you can get away with using only a little bit of donair sauce. You don't need a lot to get the taste to come through, and too much sauce leaves things overpowered. Plus, over-saucing can leave a real mess afterwards as it causes the tomatoes, onions and friends to leak out the back side of the shell. Eat it or wear it, however, it's still amazingly tasty.

By now I suspect you're hungry or at least curious - but you're going to have to wait. Pizzatown Sackville is only offering donair tacos on Tuesday night alongside their donair egg rolls. Patience is a virtue.

If a Tuesday night finds me craving both donair and tacos, I know where I'm headed.

Pizzatown Sackville
225 Cobequid Road
902 865-1111