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Doinkballs. Really. And they're AMAZING!

Many of you know I've been after Bonehead's BBQ to make Doinkballs for a while now.

This is where the meat wizards live.

Those of you who are not in the know might be hungry to learn that "doink" is "donair + oink". These tasty tidbits are going to be donair meatballs, wrapped in bacon and then smoked. What could be better?

Waiting for my meal... and there's a bucket of Doink Sauce!

I walked in around 6 pm or so, and as requested introduced myself as "That Doinkball Guy". As expected everyone gave me "Oh, you're the doinkball guy" smile. Gotta love it when everyone seems to know you already. While I was waiting, I noticed a truly delightful sight - a bucket of doink sauce. yum!

These will drive your taste buds crazy. Doinkballs waiting to be eaten!

These look SO good.I received my plate of gastronomical delight, paired it with a 500mL Farmer's chocolate milk, and headed on over to a table to sit down and see where my taste buds went. A closer examination of these yields a smell that is both meaty and well spiced, with each doinkball being pinned to a little pita along with some onions and tomatos.

One down

My first bite into one of these was about as close to nirvana as you can get without actually going there yourself. The texture was solidly pleasing, the taste was very donair-esque, yet spicy... a little sharp, but not hot. The bacon flavor got a little lost in all the donair goodness but all in all it was still a mouth miracle. My lips and mouth were left a little tingly afterwards .. but not in the same way as you'd expect from spicy chicken wings. This was more of a "thank you for feeding me that... so much!" tingle.

This is how you define satisfaction.

One of the more surprising parts of my whole Doinkball experience was how these little meat morsels sit in your stomach. They certainly aren't as large as a typical "slider" burger, but I was easily as full after devouring doinkballs as I would have been after taking down a plate of sliders. My guess is that the donair and bacon ganged up on my stomach until it cried mercy, and from there it was all she wrote.

I'm seriously thinking about going back for more doinkballs before they're gone, they are a limited time special item from the wizards of meat at Bonehead's. If you're looking to go check out some yourself, find Bonehead's on Google for all the required info.