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Donair Pizza from King of Donair

I can't imagine living somewhere that donair pizza wasn't a thing. Yet in parts of Canada you can't get good donair pizza! As my first Year of Donair post, let's take a moment to celebrate some donair pizza.

King of Donair has been making donairs in Canada since 1973 and has often won "best of" awards from The Coast.

I ordered an extra large donair pizza from King of Donair Clayton Park and picked it up about 25 minutes later. It was one of the coldest nights of the year, -16C or so, and I was sure that all of that luscious melted cheese would have started to solidify by the time I got back to somewhere warm.

Even with the cold, KOD hits the donair pizza right out of the park. Just the right level of spice to the donair meat, lots of cheese, onions and tomatoes, and of course plenty of donair sauce.

If you're going to go to any reputable place that does good donair, make sure you pick up some donair egg rolls as well. These are just an intense collection of donair meat wrapped up in an egg roll wrapper and then deep fried - they are typically served with donair sauce for dipping. The crunch of the wrapper adds a nice texture change to the whole experience. Definitely awesome!

That's the first Year of Donair post - look for more tasty donair coming up soon!