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Alexander Keith's brewery tour

So about a month or so ago, Ryan and I each happened to purchase a 2-4 of Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale because there was this deal where you got a free beer stein...a nice one too. In the bottom of this stein was a 2-for-1 coupon for a Keith's brewery tour. Unfortunately, they expire at the end of May...

"Hey," we thought, "What a great idea. Let's get a bunch of people and go on a brewery tour." No shirts to order, little to no organizational overhead, sweet! And so the date was planned for May 25th.

For those among you who haven't had the pleasure of this experience, it's pretty neat. Instead of just sitting in a room and drinking (which I can do at home), you actually get a tour of the Keith's facilities on Water Street. Everyone is dressed in period costume, which means there's buxom bar wenches in tight corsets.

It costs about $8 and you get at least two glasses of draught, so it's not a bad investment. No pressure to attend, but I'd like to know who wants to go because if we reach sufficient numbers I should probably warn them that we're coming :)

Maybe we could even make a night of it and head out somewhere after the tour. That last pub crawl was only my second time in the basement of the argyle...I thought it was pretty fun...hmmmmm.....

Originally posted on Thursday, 2002-05-09 at 08:50:39.