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FNP 7: Crawl updates

Some further information for you crawlin' peeps to dig. The printers tell me the shirts will be ready on the 22nd of May. I have called all the bars to let them know we're coming and to see what deals I could get out of them for the crawl.

Click inside to hear what they all had to say.

1730 - 1900
Joe Murphy (whoever he is) will be playing when we're there. There is a $1 cover charge, but the guy I talked to said that he's 99% sure he could get it waived for anyone in a t-shirt.
Because of this guy playing there, he said it would probably be standing room only on the inside. The deck will only be open if the weather permits. If the weather is inclement, I suggest a detour to the Thirsty Duck.
1900 - 2000
The downstairs portion of the bar will be reserved for us.
2000 - 2130
Happy hour prices as long as we're there for anyone in a shirt.
2130 - 2230
The manager said that they are not fully staffed (i.e., no DJ and only one bartender) until 2130h, so I suggest that we simply stay at Breakers for an extra half hour. The drinks are Happy Hour prices there anyway :)
2230 - 0000
No cover. Happy hour starts at 2300h. The guy also said he won't let crawls in after 2300h, so make sure you get there in a timely fashion.
0000 - 0200
No Cover. $1 off shooters at the promo bar on top of the dance floor.

Originally posted on Friday, 2003-05-16 at 18:00:23.