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Garrison's Jalapeno Ale

I visited Bishops Cellar today with my 10% off coupon from The Coast. Got a whole bunch of stuff I've never tried before.

Right now, I'm drinking Jalapeno Beer by Garrison. It smells like the nachos from Empire theatres. Even the crappy cheese; it's amazing. It tastes pretty much like you'd expect it to, like a medium-coloured beer with the distinct flavour of jalepenos.

But it's HOT. Spicy hot. Holy shit. I took a big swig right after I opened it and I nearly shit myself. It was jabbing at the back of my throat with capscasin daggers. It's taking me the better part of an hour to get it down because I have to let my mouth cool down after each gulp. I think that's why they sell them individually instead of in 6 packs or cases...nobody would drink more than one of these things at once.

It's good, but not in the way that most beer is. Most beer is good because it tastes good and you can drink a bunch of them. This Jalapeno beer is good because it tastes pretty good, and if you give it to your guests, they won't ask for another.

Originally posted on Saturday, 2005-05-14 at 21:00:15.