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It's Free Subwoofer Day!

The Futureshop crazy extended warranty has come through for me for a second time. The first time, I ended up bringing back a laptop because the battery wouldn't charge anymore. This time, 6 years (the warranty was good until 2009) after I bought it, I took back a 10" Velodyne subwoofer that had developed a nasty rattle somewhere inside the casing.

The guarantee says that if they take more than 60 days to get it back to you, or if you have to send the same item back more than twice, they'll just replace the item for you with one of equivalent value. 60 days + 1 later, I'm waiting in the customer service line at Futureshop, and it's moving surprisingly fast. The fact that they're going to replace it means to me that I have the opportunity to upgrade. It's like a 6 year layaway plan ;)

I left the store having upgraded to a 15" Velodyne subwoofer (total cost $999). I only paid $310, including a new warranty (I mean why not, it's certainly served me well so far) that covers my new subwoofer until 2016. It is currently sitting in the back of my Honda Element...It's large, heavy, and awkward enough that I haven't quite figured out how I'm going physically move it to the place I want it to be. I'm probably going to have to clean up the downstairs hallway :|

Check back here later...I'll have pictures of the behemoth both in the box and out.

Originally posted on Saturday, 2007-01-13 at 16:43:21.