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CCTV Cameras + Google Video = Halifax's next income source

I've been thinking about the new video camera that Halifax has focused on the corner of Grafton and Blowers, "Pizza Corner" for us locals. Cameras are great for capturing all the stupid shit we do -- especially when we're drunk. And where do most drunken videos end up?

YouTube. Or basically, due to the recent 1.6 billion dollar acquisition, what the internet is calling "GooTube".

Now that the concept of revenue sharing has been introduced for videos on Google Video, the City of Halifax should take advantage of all the closed circuit TV cameras in the downtown area, and get some of the content up on the web for the rest of us to enjoy and laugh at. This might do more to discourage vandalism and crime, when the potential criminals know that there could be millions of eyes watching them break the law. Of course it might encourage people to show off for the cameras as well, but at the very least, Halifax can make a quick cash grab from one of the most lucrative sources on the web: Google Ads.

Originally posted on Monday, 2006-11-20 at 11:06:53.