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Podcasting and the applications used

I am seriously considering starting up my own podcast. I have pretty much all the gear I would need to do it, short of a three or four channel mixer that would be handy for adding music or switching between two microphones. I am planning to record anything I'd do on my iRiver IFP 799, which is incidentally the same thing that Adam Curry uses for his podcast.

Mine wouldn't necessarily be daily, probably not, but maybe weekly. One piece of software that Curry uses that I would love to be able to use is a Mac-only application called Audio Hijack that can grab the sound output of any other application and record it specifically. I tried some basic recording to see how my microphones sound and used my laptop to play some background music, but I still get the pings and blips of other applications like MSN. I know I could just shut those certain applications down, but even explorer makes noise sometimes. Really, what I would like this ability for is to be able to talk to somebody on the podcast via Skype. Seriously, how cool would that be? I could do phone interviews.

Anyway, if anybody has any suggestions for windows applications that can do the same thing, please respond here or email me.

Originally posted on Tuesday, 2005-03-29 at 11:46:10.