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This Site is UGLY!

Yeah, I know this site is pretty damn ugly. I don't pretend to be any good at picking colors and stuff like that. That's why I became a software developer and not a fashion consultant.

So I leave it to you, the good people who may be reading this, to pick my color scheme for me. Just post in the comments of this article what you want the color to be for each part of this page. Make sure your colors are web-safe and put them in the HTML standard "#RRGGBB" format.

If I pick your colors to use, well, you won't get any kind of prize other than the satisfaction of knowing that the colors on this site are the ones that you picked :)

[Added: 12 August 2001 @ 2048h]
Right now I'm using T.J. Maguire's color scheme. I think I like it. Unless somebody comes up with something better, I believe I'll stick with this for a while.

Originally posted on Sunday, 2001-08-12 at 17:58:41.