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New blog entry privacy feature

I've implemented a new feature that will let you guys not only decide whether to post a blog entry to the home page or not, but decide from 4 distinct levels of privacy for them. While coding the feature, I was thinking that it would be cool if everybody could exercise their own editorial control a little more when they're deciding what should and shouldn't go on the front page.

If you're writing something genuinely interesting, then by all means, put it on the front page. If you're simply blogging about what you did that day or musing about the stock price of porkbellies, then perhaps the front page isn't the right place for that entry.

Click inside to read about how to use the new options.

So, instead of the checkbox to put the post on the front page or not, there are now 4 options to choose from:
1. Show on the home page and in my personal blog. This is the same as if you had checked the checkbox that was there before. Selecting this option will display the blog posting on the front page ( as well as your personal blog (<you> The entry will show up in RSS feeds for both the home page and your personal blog.

2. Show in my pesonal blog only. Just like it sounds, the blog entry will not show up on the home page, but will appear in your personal blog. This option is the same as leaving the old checkbox unchecked. The post will appear in your personal blog's RSS feed only.

3. Require a direct link to this entry. This option removes the post from all lists of post. It won't appear on the front page or your personal blog page, but will be reachable via a direct link to the article, e.g.,

4. Allow only me to see this entry. The only person who can see the blog post is the author, while logged in. It is not otherwise accessible in any way.

Hopefully that gives you guys some more options to use

Originally posted on Tuesday, 2006-06-27 at 19:48:31.