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Track your money

Ever wonder where your money goes when it leaves your grubby little hands? I don't mean your "money" in the ephemeral (potentially electronic) sense, I mean the physical bills that you spend at retailers. Well I have. But it was only recently that I came into a $50 bill with a stamp on the back that said 'Track me!'. I ventured to that website and entered the serial number off the bill. It was interesting to find out that 610 days prior was the last time somebody had entered that serial number into the website, and at that time, the bill was in British Columbia! It makes me kind of curious how it got here to Halifax. It certainly had time, but what of the means?

Anyway, if you feel a bit geeky and want to track your money, sign up for an account and start registering bills.

The only catch here is that in order to find out what is happening to your money, other people have to go to the website and enter the serial number when they get your bill. I've taken to just writing the website on the back of the bill, similar to the stamp I found on one of mine. Luckily, it's not illegal to mark on bills.

Originally posted on Thursday, 2004-11-11 at 09:41:35.