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This is why NOFX kicks everyone else's asses

There are two fairly major concerts happening on the Dartmouth waterfront this summer. The first being Wilco on July 12th, and the second being NOFX on August 14th.

Some of you might know that I have a hard time paying the fucking crazy prices that so-called "popular" bands want to charge for their shows. $70 for Our Lady Peace? However the fuck much it was for washed up Motley Crue and geriatric Alice Cooper? I do not fucking think so.

Wilco are a pretty good band, but they're charging $39 for their show, and there's only one other band on the bill. NOFX, on the other hand, are bringing what basically amounts to their own fucking rock festival with them, a whopping 10 bands in total, and they're only charging $28.

And that's why they rule the school.

P.S. Yes, I actually have bought all of NOFX's albums. Legally.

Originally posted on Monday, 2006-05-29 at 19:21:51.