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Feelin' No Pain IV

Well, it's been almost two months since last we talked. It's time to start thinking about the next Feelin' No Pain pub crawl. I haven't come up with a theme as of yet, so I'm still open to suggestions.

I'm looking to have it around the time when students come back to university, so the downtown scene will be exquisite :) Feel free to email me with any ideas for bars or *challenges*, heh :)

One theme has been suggested to me (by Fred Marsland) and that's "Beer Factor", a take-off of the reality show "Fear Factor". T.J. Maguire, the official Feelin' No Pain pub crawl artist has mocked up a logo:

You can post your comments here, or in the message boards I have set up.

Originally posted on Saturday, 2001-08-11 at 02:56:38.