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Nigerians get wise

For the first time in months, a Nigerian spam email has broken through my spam filter. It seems they finally got wise to the fact that we're basically ignoring and/or ridiculing them so they decided to write a new template for spam. It has similar elements to the original Nigerian Spam, but it's different enough so that my spam filter didn't count a single hit against it.

You can read it below.

Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 21:20:27 -0600
From: aaeezie tobby <>
Subject: good home needed


I wish to use this medium to introduce myself and express my Client's desire buy a living house in your country.I am Aaeezie Henry Tobby an Attorney in Nigeria and my client is looking for a trust worthy man that take care of his future investments overseas.He is a former Liberian Director Auditing & Accounting Department of Ministry of Defence Headquarters presently on assylum in Nigeria.

If you know that you can help,get to me and so that I will give you the necessray information that will enable us to proceed.Once you have contacted me,you should bear in mind that it should be confidential and private.

Barr.Aaeezie Henry Tobby N/B.Bear in mind that it is not only house that he wishes to buy and you shall be compensated adequately for your help.

Originally posted on Saturday, 2003-08-23 at 02:04:12.