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At least we have our priorities straight

I thought, I'll test my theory of buying beer on Sunday and go down to the Cold Beer Store on Agricola Street. It was closed. But wait! There's a sign telling me to go down to Water Street to the Keith's brewery store. To the Stevemobile! I park and walk in, and there is a line up of no less than 50 people in front of me.

I see some curious sights. I meet some cute chicks, and talk to them whilst in said line. We bitch together about the state of affairs and how long it is taking us to get through to the cashier. This guy is trying to stuff a 2-4 into his backpack to ride home on his bike. Humerous.

Although I'm sure that being Canada Day weekend, this was the exception rather than the rule, maybe this will convince the powers-that-be that being able to buy alcohol on Sundays would not be a bad thing. Surely there are enough people interested in the idea to make it worthwhile.

Originally posted on Sunday, 2003-06-29 at 18:38:15.