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Complete. Total. Ineptitude

I'm not sure if the title yet applies to the HRM employees or the retarded fuckers on the road this morning, but it's possibly a little of both. They had a curfew on for two nights so they could clean up the streets. They closed off downtown so they could widen the roads. Why, then, did it take me nearly 1 1/2 hours to get downtown today on a bus route that normally takes 1/3 of that time?

I have patience. Really, I do. I understand that it takes a herculean effort to clear such an amount of snow as we have seen here lately. But this storm was on THURSDAY. That's a full 5 days ago (nearly 6). I'm thinking that we should be pretty much back to normal now. No sir. Not the case.

How can the city expect people not to use their cars, while at the same time scaling back bus schedules? The only option for some people is not to go anywhere and even that's not really an option for some. Shouldn't the priority for widening roads be the roads along which the buses travel?

Are the traffic problems because of the cops directing traffic? Possibly, but I doubt it. It may not even be anyone's fault in particular, but I rather enjoy imagining to myself that I've figured out the problem...especially when I have 90 minutes on the bus (did I mention I was standing?) to do it.

Originally posted on Tuesday, 2004-02-24 at 09:59:20.