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Steve turns 26

I seem to be posting a lot of stories in the "Beer" topic lately....hmmmm. Anyway, I'm turning 26 on June 1st and I'm putting on a little shindig at my place. Feel free to stop by anytime after 7:00 or so. Earlier if you want to barbeque. Honestly, I don't really care when you show up. Hopefully it'll be a good time, hopefully it won't rain.

By the way, I live at 22 Hanover Court.

UPDATE: Didn't really take many pictures, mainly because I just forgot :( You girls can come over to finish that photo shoot anytime though ;)

Thanks to everyone who actually got me something, I honestly didn't expect it. But every single person save one got me ALCOHOL! The one who didn't, Mike, got me a nifty plaque for my home theatre. Unfortunately, the US postal service is unpredictable, and it didn't get here in time so he gave me a picture of it:

Somebody last night mentioned the obvious question, "How come it isn't 16 by *9*?".

Originally posted on Thursday, 2002-05-30 at 18:49:55.