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Mike Maher's bachelor party (and Wedding!)

Pictures of Mike Maher's bachelor party are now up. Remarkably, the night was relatively tame, except for the P.O.T. incident. This is remarkable, not only because it was a stag party, but because this man is the same person who (a) *ran* across the top of a two-storey high scaffold while intoxicated (and exhibiting no fear or concern for his own well-being), and (b) threw a shopping cart off of my 11th floor apartment's balcony (also while intoxicated).

Anyway, you know the photo drill...comment and rate away.

Pictures of the wedding are now up here! They were married by a Justice of the Peace, and it made me *so* happy not to hear the word 'god' once in the entire ceremony, which was only 15 minutes long. I am *definately* being married by a Justice of the Peace if and when that time ever comes...

Originally posted on Thursday, 2002-08-22 at 21:19:07.