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Anyone want to buy a '95 Taurus?

Yeah, I'm selling my car. I could only find one photo of it and it's of the rear. I'll try and take a few more. Anyway, it's a '95 Taurus, blue in colour. It's got power everything; seats, mirrors, brakes, steering, & door locks. Air conditioning for those hot summer days too. And low mileage, don't forget that.

"My god," you're probably thinking, "I'd mortgage my home for the chance to own a fine machine such as that. Why, the ladies would flock to me if I cruised the strip in such a magnificient automobile." And you wouldn't be all wrong. I am only asking for the paltry sum of $3900. Then all this (and more) can be yours.

Email me if you're interested. Update! If any one of you refers to me the person who eventually buys my car, you shall receive not only my gratitude, but also (drum roll) a set of computer speakers!

Now you too can help Steve sell his car! Download this Word document or this PDF and post it on your office bulletin board!

Originally posted on Monday, 2003-02-17 at 12:15:38.