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Date and Theme for FNP IV (Finally) Set

After much bruhaha, the date and theme for Feelin No Pain IV have finally been nailed down.

Theme: Beer Factor
Date: October 6th, 2001

[Updated: 06 Sep 2001 @ 1914h] Due to people fleeing in panic, the date is now up in the air again.
[Updated: 07 Sep 2001 @ 0858h] Hopefully, the new date of Saturday, November 3rd is far enough in the future for people to avoid any conflicts.

Because there were more votes for it than any other single theme (there were more votes for "Other", but not for any single "Other") and because we already have a mocked up graphic, it looks like the theme is going to remain "Beer Factor". Like I said originally, it's cheesy, but I think we can work it.

The date is going to be undecided for the time being Saturday, October 6th, 2001. Sorry if this conflicts with any plans you may have, but I have to pick a date and stick to it. I've tried to balance giving me enough time to get everything together with not having it too far in the future, while simultaneously avoiding university midterms. I hope I've succeeded.

I'll post the final t-shirt design and the bar line-up as soon as I have it.


Originally posted on Wednesday, 2001-09-05 at 16:47:56.