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Skype Internet Telephony

I'm sure many of you have heard of Skype. Me too, but I had never really used it until yesterday. Man, was I impressed. I got a friend of mine to give me his skype ID over MSN messenger and then I dialed him up. It was amazingly clear. Computer to computer calls anywhere in the world are free. Free.

They've probably had this for a while, but I just never noticed, but now they have the ability to call actual real phones. It costs money to do that, but it's probably cheaper than making a real long distance call. Basically you go over the internet to the local Skype center in whatever country you're calling and then it makes a local call to the number you wanted. Pretty slick.

Anyone else have a Skype ID? Post 'em in the comments, if you don't mind them being public. Mine is "stevedinn". Give me a call :)

Originally posted on Friday, 2005-03-25 at 11:29:15.