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Theatre room renovations: Part 1

For those of you that are interested, I've been documenting the renovation of my home theater room with plenty of pictures. Click on the link below for a bit of a description of what's going on in the photos.

Pictures are here if you can't read, and just want to look at the pretty pictures.

DCP_1308 to DCP_1313:
These pictures show the crappy state this room was in after I ripped most of the faux wood panelling, and silly decorative beams off of the walls. I found next to no insulation, which explains why everyone froze their asses off down there. Some of the panels are still up in these pictures, because those are the ones with the light fixtures on them, and I don't want to play wantonly with electricity.

DCP_1314 to DCP_1323:
Studding and insulating and wiring, oh my! That's basically what's going on here. DCP_1322 clearly shows the different types of wire. The white stuff is for power for lights and outlets. The red stuff is a slightly higher gague power cable for the electric heater that's going to go under the windows on the opposite wall. Each of the yellow cables contains 4x12 gague speaker wire. Plan for the future: bi-wire all your speakers! I now have approximately 10 billion times more insulation in that room (that figure is rounded up to the nearest 10 billion).

This is when the hole in the wall for the component rack gets cut out. You can see my ABC laundry detergent in the other room.

DCP_1325 to DCP_1332:
Drywall, drywall, drywall. This was probably the most time consuming process of the day. I can't imagine doing this myself. I would have screwed up so many times. All the outlets and lights and windows to cut around.

DCP_1333 and DCP_1334:
These are 2 pictures of the wall sconces that will hold the lights. Two will go on each side wall. There's also going to some pot lights in the ceiling, but they won't be on during movies, only when I need some real light in there.

Well, there you have it., the first bit of renovation. Tomorrow brings the tapers to finish of the drywall, and the electrician to actually get the lights working. Still to come is the 8" stage at the back for stadium seating purposes :)

Questions or comments are welcome...I'll try to answer them as best I can.

Originally posted on Thursday, 2001-12-13 at 18:00:18.