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Red carpet at the Junos

Through some good fortune, I was able to attend the red carpet ceremony at the Juno awards. I borrowed Ray's camera, which he was nice enough to lend me, and got some fairly decent shots of the musicians as they walked down the red carpet Argyle Street.

If anyone TiVo'ed, or otherwise recorded the red carpet E-Talk Daily portion of the Junos, I would love to get a copy because I was on camera several times, and I want some screenshots ;)

I need your guys' help though. Since I don't have cable TV, I actually had no idea who the people were that I was taking pictures of. I need you guys to help me identify the people in the photos. So please comment on the photos or add notes to them.

The part that sucked was the 4 fucking hours standing out in the cold waiting for the CTV assholes to get the ball rolling. I'm not typically a star-chaser, but the opportunity presented itself, and well, I'm a citizen journalist ;)

And to the fucker in the black hat who was right in front of me blocking the coolest shots I could have taken with his above-the-shoulder hands and his big fat head, you can go to hell.

Originally posted on Monday, 2006-04-03 at 10:05:58.