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Right now, the forums (where all future photoshops will go) are totally seperate from this main site. That means that users have to create two logins, and that's a pain in the ass. I have a solution, but I'm not going to have the chance to implement it until tonight. Here's how it's going to work...

The main site (this one) will be the principal one. I'm going to copy over all the existing accounts from this database to the forums database (assuming that user doesn't already have an account there). Same password, same username. Any time someone creates a new account on the main site from then on, they'll automatically get an account for the forums.

If someone just creates an account on the forums...they're out of luck. I think I'll actually disable the forums user creation and force people to make one on the main site.

If you're signing up in the meantime though...just do it in both places using the same account name. It'll make things a whole lot easier on both of us :)

Originally posted on Wednesday, 2001-11-14 at 12:19:38.