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Nobody will let me buy a wi-fi SD card

I have been wanting a small, portable wi-fi-enabled device since wireless technology has been available. Now that PalmOne has introduced their SD wi-fi card, I’m thinking to myself, “This card + my Zire 72 = unstoppable!” I journey to Futureshop to pick one up. First stop, the digital camera, PDA, & Cell Phone thingy:

“Hello, I’d like a Palm wi-fi SD card please.”

“Sorry, you can only get one in a bundle with a PDA.”

I’m pulling out my wallet. “How much is...pardon?”

“You can only get one with a PDA”.


What is up with that? As it turns out, Staples is the same way. Why can’t I buy this thing by itself? After some googling, I found it on a few websites, but I would rather buy it locally if I can, for obvious reasons. It’s not often I leave Futureshop when the thing I want it still in the store.

Originally posted on Tuesday, 2005-03-22 at 20:36:59.