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Firefox 2.0 release due out within the week

The actual release version of Firefox 2.0 is due out this week. It's got a bunch of cool features, but a couple of my favourites are the following:

Session restore. If the installation of a plugin or theme necessitates a restart of the browser, or *gasp* the browser crashes, how annoying is it to lose all of the pages you had open in your 15 tabs? With the session restore feature, Firefox 2.0 will remember all the URLs you had opened in all of those 15 tabs. Upon restarting, you'll be asked whether you want to restore all of those open tabs. Very handy.

Inline spell checking. Many of you will know how much of a stickler for proper grammar and spelling I am. I truly believe this feature will at least prod and poke the lexicographically-challenged folks out there to right click on their red-underlined chaff and pick out the proper words.

Check out the rest of the new features in Firefox 2.0

Originally posted on Monday, 2006-10-16 at 23:30:28.