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The 23rd Psalm

It’s good to finally get a new episode of Lost after what was an agonizing break over Christmas with nothing. Lots of interesting things happened in the episode. We see the monster, we get an Eko flashback, and there are even some Sawyer shots for the ladies.

I would really like to pick up the Lost podcast that I was doing before, and I’ve been talking to Matt about doing it with me. So, if you enjoyed the first one, then there may be more coming.

Don’t click into this story if you haven’t seen the show on 11 January 2006 and don’t want spoilers.

Charlie’s heroin statue comes back into play. I’ve been waiting for them to delve into that issue again. I think Claire’s being a bit of a bitch about the whole thing though…I mean, obviously things in Charlie’s life have changed a bit since, oh, I don’t know, BEING STRANDED ON A FUCKING DESERTED ISLAND. I think she should give him a break. He’s always had Aaron’s best interests at heart. But at the same time, it did seem quite curious that he has a stash of a pile of Mary statues in a hole. Fucking wanker.

Mr. Eko rocks. I had heard that we were going to get to see a flashback of him and I was really looking forward to it. There were rumours floating around for a while that he was involved with the Nigerian drug plane, but they were pretty much quashed when the episode “The Other 48 Days” showed that he was, in fact, on Flight 815. I was happy to see that he was kicking ass right from childhood. Mr. Eko is one bad dude, and that’s just the way it is. He’s one of my favourite characters in the show along with Locke.

Finally, we get to see the monster that’s been terrorizing the inhabitants of the island from the day they got there. To be fair, we have seen it before, but it was not clear that the black smoke that appeared to be pulling Locke into a sinkhole in the jungle was the same thing that was chasing the islanders around all the time and devouring pilots. This explains why Locke was not afraid when he was being pulled down the hole in Season 1. He had seen the creature before. He faced it – stared it down. Interesting to see how Locke and Eko had the exact same reaction when faced with the creature. I think these two have very much in common, that we aren’t quite aware of just yet.

Michael asked to Locke to allow him access to the guns in the hatch. Then he asked to take Kate’s shift watching the numbers, and of course, he goes and tries to fucking MSN Walt again. Seriously, WTF. Where the hell does he think the other end of this reject computer from the 1970s is? This isn’t exactly Messenger we’re talking about here. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see the last thing that Walt (if it really was Walt) types to Michael. We know that he wants Michael to come and get him, but is it really one of the Others? I think next episode we’ll see Michael going off half-cocked in a solo attempt to save Walt like a fucking retard. I noted that on IMDB, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje has been added to the cast, but Malcolm David Kelley has been marked as 2004 – 2005. Does this mean that we’ve seen the last of Walt? Even creepy wet Walt in spooky visions? I guess time will tell.

Originally posted on Wednesday, 2006-01-11 at 23:46:06.