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Never underestimate stupid people in large groups

Jill writes: "William Shrubsall, the charming fellow who beat his mother to death with a baseball bat, has applied to legally change his name to Ethan Simon Templar MacLeod - AKA The Saint." Judge_Fredd sent in this site questioning whether man has actually walked on the moon. Lastly, Butterfly submitted an article from the Winnipeg Sun. Click below to read it.

Drunk Passed Out Woman Sues City for Frostbite

September 15, 2002
Woman suing city after left out in cold
By STAFF - Winnipeg Sun

A women who suffered frostbite after spending seven hours in sub-zero temperatures is suing the city.

Kim Simon, who was found outside her Simcoe Street home on Jan. 20 suffering from hypothermia and severe frostbite, is suing the City of Winnipeg, fire officials and paramedics on scene, the taxi driver who dropped her off and the taxi company, Unicity Taxi.

The cabbie called paramedics when Simon, who was earlier at a bar with friends, passed out in the back of the cab.

Emergency personnel and the taxi driver should have made sure Simon was safely inside her house before leaving, said her lawyer Samuel Wilder.

"They should have seen her in safely -- especially when they saw she was having trouble," Wilder said.

Wilder filed the civil suit Friday. The city has 20 days to file a defence.

Simon has had several skin grafts, lost one finger and has severe nerve damage to her right leg which impairs walking, Wilder said.

She is suing for pain and suffering and loss of income.

Originally posted on Monday, 2002-09-16 at 00:34:54.