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Privacy at commercial establishments

I'm in line at my favorite local purveyor of warm, toasty processed meat goodness, $5 at the ready and fully populated subway card in hand. My overly-friendly sandwich artist informs me at the cash that due to "new regulations" in order to use my Subway card, I have to fill out *all* of the information fields printed thereon. I'm reminded of RadioShack's infamous "we need your name and address to complete your transaction" policy.

My friendly Subway minion also informed me that they may ask for ID to ensure that the info I enter on the card truely matches my actual identity. I hope Mr. I P Freely, 123 Main St doesn't mind me borrowing his particulars while I chow down on my steak and cheese on hearty italian.

Personally, I *like* the fact that RadioShack, FutureShop, et. al. take my name and address and track all my purchases. It makes it that much easier if when I lose my receipts. I really don't understand why Subway gives a damn either way...It's not like you're going to return your sub.

Originally posted on Wednesday, 2002-11-27 at 14:43:20.