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My bus is an elevator

That's right. On my bus, people get in, stare at the door, and do not talk to anyone else for the duration of their stay. Unless you're with friends, in which case talking is allowed. This is because the rest of us get to eavesdrop on whatever interesting conversations we care to. I figure a bus is just like an elevator that moves throughout the city and doesn't necessarily go up and/or down and you don't really press any buttons.

People get on an elevator with a plan and somewhere to go. I thought the same was true for a bus, but it appears not to be so. People get on a bus with time to kill.

On my bus, a complete stranger would not interrupt my listening pleasure to ask, "What the fuck are you listening to?". On my bus parents would not let their children run screaming up and down the aisle. On my bus, people would not pay in pennies and then argue with the driver (who won't move until the situation is resolved) that you're sure there was $1.75's worth in there.

Originally posted on Thursday, 2004-03-11 at 22:15:00.