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St. Patrick's Day 2006

What a blast I had on St. Patrick's Day. It started off with breakfast at the Old Triangle. I got there at 07h55, and the place was already packed. Brent joined me soon after that, and we sat down for a bite. Being as crowded as it was, it took a while before one of the wait staff even brought us menus. After that, we waited about 30 minutes, and nobody ever spoke to us again. I flagged down the next person I saw, and explained the situation. Luckily, it happened to be one of the owners of the place and he really got the ball rolling for us ;) About 3 minutes later, we were eating bacon and eggs and drinking Guinness.

Then I had to go to work :(

After work, we headed to the Fife and Drum, the hotel bar of the Casino Nova Scotia Hotel. It was also quite full, but thankfully, we had some intrepid seat-savers working for us. The Guiness flowed until around 22h30, when the more sober among us migrated to Gus' Pub to hear the band of a friend of a friend that was playing there.

Around midnight, we went for pizza and called it a night.

Originally posted on Saturday, 2006-03-18 at 20:50:03.