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What bars shall we visit?

So, nobody has expressed great outrage at the date of May 27th, so I'll take that to mean that it's a good one. The theme is still open for discussion, but a sure front runner is "Seal Clubbing". The only other suggestions were my original one, "Pub Crawl Idol" (people didn't seem to like that one), and something to do with the Commonwealth Games bid.

The second thing we have to discuss is the bars we want to attend and the time we want to attend them. As we all know, timing is of critical importance when choosing what bar to go to: some bars won't let a crawl in cover-free if it shows up too late, some have happy hours at certain times, etc.

Anybody have a preference as to what establishments this crawl should patronize? As a general rule, I like to start off with a few drinking/eating bars, and then finish the night off at a dancey bar -- that's what everybody seems to want to do when they're nice and loopy.

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Originally posted on Friday, 2006-04-14 at 19:36:35.