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It was a sunny day not unlike today that was born back on August 11th, 2001. Well, this particular incarnation of anyway. I've had the domain name since 1998. Originally, this website was not much more than a place for photos. And I didn't even have a digital camera until October of 2000. Then it got broken and I sent it back. So I didn't really have a camera until December 2000.

Incidentally, this is's 200th article. Talk about your weird coincidences :)

Anyway, since then, I've devoted many hours to coding (teaching myself PHP) and writing rants and such. And many of you have devoted many hours to ridiculing me for devoting many hours to coding for this website :) What I'm trying to say is, thanks for posting the articles and the comments, and for using the stuff that I write because it's much more worthwhile to do something when somebody else can actually get some enjoyment out of it.

Originally posted on Thursday, 2002-06-20 at 16:04:18.