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Back from D.C.

Finally, I am home after leaving for two days and getting back a week later. The trip was useful for the customer, I believe I fixed some of their problems. That was nice. The sucky part was that I never got out once during the day to do any of the touristy stuff that someone visiting D.C. for the first time wants to do. I didn't get to see the White House; I only saw the Washington Monument from the roadside (no thanks to Crazy Tractor Guy there); I never even got to go to a store to look for those slick-ass bluetooth headsets.

The only cool part of the trip was when I was sitting in the D.C. airport waiting for them to announce boarding for my flight. I looked over and recognized Theo from Gob. As it turns out, they had just got advance screening presses of their new CD, "Foot in Mouth Disease". They let me listen to it on the plane. I whipped open my laptop and ripped it. Sweet.

Don't forget about the FARK Party this weekend. It should be a good time. You should come.

Originally posted on Saturday, 2003-03-22 at 00:26:27.