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Feelin' No Pain V Tentative Date - Comments Please

FNP IV wasn't all I had hoped it would be; there was probably only 40 people on that crawl. That's not a bad number, but it pales in comparison to the more than 80 that were involved in the Survivor crawl, partly due to the fact that the date flip-flopped more than once. So this time I'm starting early. The date I'm thinking about for FNP V is Saturday, 27 April 2002. Reasons being that this is the end-of-school-end-of-exams time for many university students :)

Please comment on the date. What do you think? Pass the link around to anyone whom you think wants to read this sort of thing. If you get really keen and want to sign up already, you can.

Originally posted on Wednesday, 2002-01-16 at 08:18:17.