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I should write the Coast with this

So, the Rolling Stones were here. They set up on the Commons nearest the corner of Cogswell and North Park streets. North Park street was blocked off and the traffic light pattern was changed. I am not going to complain about sitting on Rainnie drive at a constant red light for 10 minutes last week (I ran it, despite the fact that there were 5 uniformed cops right on the other side of the intersection). I understood that things would probably be fucked up until the stage was torn down and all the tractor trailers were removed from North Park Street.

Would somebody please tell me why that nobody took at look at how those lights were supposed to work before they changed them? I drove through that intersection today, as it is my regular route to work, and whomever set it back to "normal" obviously didn't understand how much of a bitch that 5-way intersection is and that some of the lights are supposed to have an advance flashing green. Well now they don't; I spent about 25 minutes waiting on North Park Street in a huge line-up of traffic trying to turn left. This is a distance that I can usually cover in less than 4 minutes in heavy traffic.

This really seems like something that should be pretty fucking brain-dead: Back up traffic light pattern. Apply Rolling Stones traffic light pattern. When Rolling Stones leave, re-apply backed up traffic light pattern.


Here's the intersection I'm talking about, so you out-of-towners can commiserate with me.

Originally posted on Tuesday, 2006-09-26 at 09:29:31.