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Drinking Games

Everybody's played a drinking game or two in the past, I'm sure. Below is one submitted by one of the loyal readers that has and that you wish you were. Post your favourite drinking game. Discuss the merits and drawbacks of each.

Butterfly writes: "This is a different version of everyone's favourite drinking game, 'Fucked Up'."

Equipment Needed:

1. Cards - one deck for every three to four people.

2. Alcohol

3. Optional - shot glass for measuring drinks.
1 die for determining drinks

Game Rules:

Lay out all the cards across the table. First person takes a card and the game is on.


The person drawing an ace gives a task to any other player. Must be something that can be done in the room you are playing in. Person has to at least try to do the task. If the task is completed the task giver does the drink, if not completed the victim does the drink. If the task is not completed one other person can attempt it. If they can do it, both the task giver and the victim drink. If not completed, the victim and the second person both drink.


The person drawing a King starts a sentence. The person who either cannot give a word that makes sense or cannot give a word at all drinks.


The person drawing a queen asks another player a Yes/No question. If the question is not a Yes/No question they drink. If the person asked does not respond with a Yes/No answer they drink. They immediately ask another person another Yes/No question. Cannot repeat a question and cannot ask the person who asked them a question. If either of these are done the questioner drinks.


The person drawing the jack says a name. Next person says another name using the first letter of the last name of the original name. If a one word name is used, or a double name is used, the rotation reverses. Person who makes a mistake or repeats a previously said name, drinks.


The person drawing a ten calls social, and everybody touches glasses and drinks.


The person drawing a nine says a statement. I never (and something they say they never did). Anybody who has done it drinks.


The person drawing an eight names a category. Person who cannot come up with an answer to fit the category drinks.


The person drawing a seven starts by saying 1, next person says 2, and so forth. When 7 or any multiple of 7 comes that person must say Buzz. Person not saying Buzz or forgetting the count drinks.

SIX = Letter

The person drawing a six says a letter. The next person says a word that begins with that letter, and so forth. The person who repeats a word or cannot think of a word drinks.


The person drawing a five makes a rule, (keep fingers crossed while smoking, close eyes while drinking). The rule is in effect until the end of the game or another person drawing a five cancels it. This can easily be abused, so be careful.


The person drawing a four makes a statement. The other players must say whether they think it is true or false. Then the original person tells if it was true or false. Everybody who guessed wrong drinks.


The person drawing a three says a word. The next person must say a word that rhymes with it. Whoever cannot think of a rhyming word or repeats a word must drink.


The person drawing a two must take a drink.


The person drawing a joker gives drinks to every other player.

Originally posted on Friday, 2002-05-17 at 21:56:42.