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Pub Crawls

Late last year, a number of people were asking me when the next pub crawl was going to be. If you recall, however, I had quite a bit of trouble rounding people up for the last one. I have no real desire to put one on if only a few people are going to go; we might as well just get drunk together and totally forgo the shirts.

If that's what you guys are into then, great, I can stop doing all this work :) But if you'd rather have a full-blown crawl, with the shirts and everything, then I need at least 40 people to make it worth while. I would love to have one on the scale of the Survivor crawl, which I still consider the most successful to date.

Talk about this potential crawl in the comments. What did you like about previous crawls? What should be different this time? What can I do to raise attendance? Bar suggestions? The sky's the limit.

Originally posted on Monday, 2003-01-06 at 08:29:08.