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So, they're going to do another bridge study

Sometimes I just don't understand what goes on in the minds of politicians. From things as big as the "war on terror", to things in Canada like the sponsorship scandal, to right here at home with the commissioning of a $65k study for find out that there's traffic on the bridges. Brilliant!

I really think the solution will ultimately come down to Halifax having a public transit system on par with other major cities. I don't know if not having a subway is going to hurt is detrimentally in the long run, but it sure seems like it would have been a good idea now. If the existing transit system was half decent (i.e., not having to wait for your bus for the better part of an hour, and when it gets there not having it be as crowded as free donut day at the fat farm) then more people would use it. The more people that use it, the less cars would be on the road.

Have you ever noticed how many cars driving during rush hour have only one person in them? That's insane! I'm guilty of it myself, of course, but it really doesn't make much sense. Not to mention the cost of parking.

Originally posted on Tuesday, 2005-02-08 at 11:08:16.