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WTF is up with iTunes?

So, I picked up an iPod last week (which I'm still planning to blog about later, a little more in-depth) with my tax return money, and I decided to give iTunes a go as my primary music player. I know I always seem to have these fucked up problems, but this one is fairly extreme. My normal, everyday MP3s play all fucked up in iTunes, and only in iTunes. They play just fine in Winamp, Windows Media Player, and on the iPod itself.

Has anyone ever experienced this? If you know anybody that can help me out, I'm running iTunes on Windows XP Professional with SP2. I'm usually the guy to answer people's technical questions, not ask them, but I'm really stumped in this case.

Edit: I was finally able to fix the problem after being pointed to this support article on

Originally posted on Friday, 2006-03-24 at 18:00:30.