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Camping in the rain sucks

So, as the title of this article suggests, this weekend, I was camping in the rain and experienced the full magnitude of suck. Thankfully, I was sleeping in the Element and I stayed quite dry -- at least while I slept.

Friday night we sat and drank around a fire. Saturday, it was raining, so we decided to go into town and catch a movie. We saw American Wedding. It was very funny and I highly recommend it to anyone who liked the first two. This one is even more "Stifler-centric". Saturday night we sat and drank around a fire.

I also attended the wedding of a friend and coworker of mine, Ian Frosst whom you should all encourage to post more often because he has some completely nonsensical points of view that I'm sure would make S2K's head spin ;) It was a nice ceremony, but it was on the far edge of Upper Middle Eastern Bumblefuck.

I have never seen as much food as I saw at this wedding. Seeing as the majority of their family is vegetarian, they are to be commended for having such a varied array of meat and meat products available. This barbecue wasn't simply hot dogs and hamburgers, but rather succulent steaks and marinated chicken breasts. Delicious.

And the desserts! I nearly went into a diabetic coma. They were so good. I hope he gets married again soon.

Originally posted on Sunday, 2003-08-03 at 17:46:42.