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Best new show on TV this season

So, what do I think is the best new show on TV this season? House, M.D. It's kind of like a cross between CSI and E.R. Every week, they have a patient with a mysterious illness and the doctors use their noggins to solve the case.

But the best part of the show isn't the plot, nor the detective work, nor the medical setting. The thing that makes the show is the Dr. House character. He is the single most surly, cynical, bastard of a man that has ever graced the small screen. This alone makes the show worth watching. Merely viewing the man and his constant stream of sarcasm and insults are enough to entertain me to no end. My only hope is that they can keep the show fresh. Here's to a second season of House M.D.

Originally posted on Monday, 2005-02-07 at 14:16:16.