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Goodbye to the Wave?

I was reading in the Halifax Herald today that due to renovation of the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic and Sackville Landing park, they may be tearing down the Wave. That sculpture that you climbed on as a kid (or maybe still) may soon be no more.

I get why. People climb on that thing all the time, and I guess the city could be liable for any injuries sustained. Still, I think it sucks. That sculpture defines that part of the waterfront. This excerpt from the article really surprised me though...

Skateboarders are also known to use it as a ramp, while baby strollers, bicycles and even a unicycle have been spotted wheeling up and down.

Baby strollers? Who the hell are these irresponsible parents wheeling their young up sharp inclines onto 3.7 meter high sculptures?

And who can get away with calling that oversized slab of concrete a park? Shouldn't a park have some semblance of grass?

Originally posted on Monday, 2005-02-14 at 14:25:08.