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Spine Radio on CKDU

For anybody who listening for it like I was, Spine Radio was NOT broadcast last night (Tuesday @ 01:00) on CKDU, 88.1 FM in Halifax, nor was it the previous week as I had thought. I sent an email to the program director at the station and she's looking into why it hasn't been airing. I guess most of the overnight programming is automated, and it is set into motion by the last actual live DJ to be in the studio the previous evening. My guess is that that DJ just didn't know the schedule had been updated and was still setting the overnight playlist to what it had been previously. Hopefully before the month of September is out, we will have heard Spine Radio on the actual airwaves at least once :)

To all you insomniac students out there who may want to listen, the web version is going to be at least a full week ahead of the one on CKDU, so the best way to get it is still to head over to and subscribe.

Originally posted on Wednesday, 2006-09-13 at 00:50:49.