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Yeah, a blackout party doesn't work so well for things requiring electricity to function, does it? :)

The astute and dedicated among you will have noticed that was down for a period this (Monday) evening. The cause? A rogue self-immolating power transformer that has finally been brought to justice. Thanks to the swift and capable hands of the Nova Scotia Power Corporation (or is that Emera?) and the nimble wit and tenacity of System Administrator Moose of Twisted Pair Network Consulting, disaster was averted, and recovery took only a short while.

If power transformers are allowed to explode and catch fire in this town, OUR town, then the terrorists have already won.

Update! Extensive interview inside!

After conducting extensive interviews with people near and around this incident, I've come up with very little. This is the best I could do:
Q: What can you tell me about this...uh...happening?
A: I know surprisingly little about this accident, except that it stopped me from entering Canadian Tire last night to buy some paint. I think that a car hit a telephone pole and knocked something down, but even that's almost pure fabrication...

Q: What kind of transformer was it?
A: Headmaster, I'm almost sure of it.

Q: But you're sure it wasn't Optimus Prime?
A: <snide>?</snide>

Q: Thankyou for your time.
A: I hope this has been informative and infuriating.

Originally posted on Monday, 2002-06-24 at 20:52:36.